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Specializing in direct replacements and/or equivalent brakes and clutches

There are many types of specialty equipment and machine tools that are built in Europe.
In their design an electromagnetic or other type of clutch or brake may be used. Many
times a local brake or clutch manufacturer such as Heid, Binder or perhaps Ortlinghaus,
ZF brakes, Stromag, Telcomec, Teleco or Simplatrol components may be used.

Whether you are looking for Heid, Binder, Teleco, ZF brake replacement or a Stromag multidisc , Ortlinghaus heavy duty permanent magnetic holding brake, we can help. We also offer a complete range of standard clutches and brakes as well as small runs of custom designs to meet a particular requirement. Our own brakes, clutches and commonwealth couplings have also been successfully used on hundreds of applications worldwide

ASI is also the exclusive source for Commonwealth Manufacturing and the Commonwealth Coupling line (since 1955)
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  • Complete Overhaul and Rebuild Available
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